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Car Insurance VS Motor Warranty

A motor warranty helps you with the unpredictability of mechanical breakdowns and high repair costs as well as protects you from poor workmanship. This usually covers most of the working parts, which includes air conditioner, transmission, cooling system, electrical parts and engine of your vehicle and 4x4.

A warranty isn’t a maintenance policy but is an “assurance” in the event of mechanical failure. The motor warranty offers financial peace of mind which pays for expensive breakdowns and repairs, as well as retails parts and the labour to repair the mechanical and electrical breakdowns. It also pays for up to 50% towards wear and tear on covered parts and components depending on the warranty that you decide to go with. If you own a car there is a high chance that you will need a Motor Warranty.
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legal aid & legal cover

What is the difference between legal aid & legal cover?

Legal cover is the optional policy that you can add to your property and possession policies. In this fast-paced world, it has become imperative to have legal cover. The cost of lawyers' fees can be very high and this, in turn, limits the amount of protection the average person can afford.

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are you covered

Choosing the right health insurance for you & your family in South Africa

Choosing the correct medical health insurance for your family is both important and tricky. It boils down to a balancing act where your needs are weighed up against the scheme you’ve chosen and what it can offer you. The last thing you want to deal with is being told that you’re not covered during a medical emergency and money is tight.

Your budget is what steers your chosen health cover, followed by the unique needs of your loved ones. No family needs are the same, which means that you have to choose a plan that’s more tailor made to those needs.
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What are the Differences between Health Insurance and Medical Aid?

Health Insurance is suited for the individual and specific needs they may have. It can also offer added cover for instances that medical aid may not cover, such as accidental injury or death cover. The term can be simplified as taking out insurance for your health.

Medical Aid and Health Insurance are often confused with one another. Health Insurance is based on the customers’ needs and is dependent on the type of cover you choose. Health Insurance refers to the amount of money that will be covered in hospital, due to emergency, accidents or operations. It also can include pay-outs that cover shortfalls for dental care, GP visits, and other medical needs.
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